Naomi’s Lampshades and Lamps offers lamp accessories, restoration, repairs and custom built lamps and lampshades. You’ll find everything you need to give your light fixture a personal touch or transform your idea into a reality.

lampsLamp Selection

When selecting a lamp, it is important to determine the function of the room you are lighting. Our team members are experienced and will ask you questions to determine what styles, materials and functionality would work best for your scenario. They’ll show you around our showroom or let you shop then answer any questions you might have.


Shade Selection

You can change the entire look of your light fixture just by adding a new shade. Perhaps you’ve just redecorated a room and are looking for a new shade color or pattern. Or maybe you have different lighting needs and need a shade that offers a brighter option. Whatever your need, we can work with you to find a solution, using our selection of over 10,000 shades we have available.

finial-selectionFinial Selection

A finial is an accessory used to secure the lampshade to the base. Finials can offer to give your lamp a great amount of detail and make your lamp complete. It can also be understated so your lampshade becomes the star. Our full-service lamp company boasts a phenomenal inventory of over 3,500 finials in all shapes, styles, and themes, such as classical elegance, sports, nautical, or holidays, just to name a few.


We boast a vast inventory of lamp parts that can meet almost any project requirements. From sockets, to harps, cords, finial adapters, and more our variety of parts and accessories will no doubt suit your lamp needs.

here-to-assistWe’re here to assist

Didn’t know there was so much to consider? Not to worry! We are here to make this process as fun and imaginative as you want. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our staff is creative, knowledgeable and eager to walk you through any steps and talk about your options.


satisfaction-guaranteedThe best part of working with Naomi’s is our guarantee that your satisfaction is the only end result!  We guarantee our work so you save.

In the industry?

Naomis Lamps and Shades Ask us about how we can partner with and support you and don’t forget to ask about our volume discounts offered to professionals who work from within a number of industries, including: electricians, designers, contractors, property managers, leaders in the hospitality industry, and more.