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Welcome to Naomi’s Lampshades and Lamps

Meet the Naomi’s Lampshade & Lamps Team

Naomi’s Lampshades & Lamps has transitioned ownership over the years, but much of the staff has remained, proving just how much they love the work they do.

Celina Celina Williams
Naomi’s owner originally from Laos, has cultivated her business sense being surrounded by business-oriented family members from a very young age. The oldest of five children, her mother worked in wholesale, boutique clothing, importing and exporting and computers during Celina’s childhood. At the age of 19, Celina moved across the world to the United States eventually landing in Oregon where she married Mark in 1998.

MarkMark Williams
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Mark Williams has been influenced by his self-employed family line. A natural entrepreneur and fan of fixing anything and everything he can get his hands on, Mark enjoys working at, on and in the store alongside Celina.


BettyBetty Jondahl
A veteran among Naomi’s Lampshades & Lamps is Betty Jondahl, who has been a part of the company for almost 40 years. Specializing in lamp repairs, creation and design of lamps, Betty loves the creative and artistic aspect of her job. She enjoys the challenge that there is always something new to work on.


ArinaArina Hall
An employee of Naomi’s Lampshades & Lamps for almost 20 years, Arina Hall specializes in sales, customer service, repairs, consulting design and qualifies as a part-time electrician, to name a few. Born and raised in Oregon, Arina loves that she has the chance to create something new, exciting and pretty on a daily basis.


JuliaJulia Rich
A true employee herself with over 16 years experience working at Naomi’s, Julia Rich specializes in decorating and staging the shop, floor design and creative conceptualization. Born in Indiana, Julia moved her family to Oregon after her husband came to work in his family business. You can find Julia decorating, moving around furniture, going for nature walks, or reading through British redecorating magazines for inspiration.


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